Fly Control and Management in Melbourne, Victoria

Flies are one of the most annoying pests in a home and could prove to be a nightmare in commercial food establishments. Once they infest a home, they refuse to leave and will land on anything and everything from food and utensils to your body.

If you see a swarm of flies in your home or commercial building, it’s time for some serious action. If you are searching for professional fly control services in Melbourne and all over Victoria, look no further than Pest Control Near Me.

Our experienced pest control technicians offer safe, secure and standardised treatment to transform your property into a hygienic environment.

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The Need to Control Flies Around Your Property

Flies can be extremely irritating but they also pose a huge health risk as they are carriers of transmissible diseases. If left unchecked, flies could seriously endanger your health.

  • Rodents and cockroaches are no match for the kind of risk that flies pose to human health.
  • Flies are a nuisance and their very presence is a sign of the lack of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • According to WHO, flies can transmit 65 diseases including cholera, diarrohea, tuberculosis, typhoid, conjunctivitis and more.
  • Flies can contaminate food and affect the hygiene of your property.

By hiring Pest Control Near Me, you can protect yourself, your family as well as pets from the harmful effects of a fly infestation, ensuring a healthy living experience for everyone.

Professional Fly Control in Melbourne, VIC

We are a licensed pest control service with years of experience in fly control and treatment. By combining chemical and non-chemical treatment methods, we deliver effective results. To control the number of flies around your property, we will identify and destruct their breeding sites, create a baiting programme and carry out an insecticide treatment. If flies have merged indoors, we use tools such as timed-release auto sprayers and light trams.

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Fly Control & Management in Melbourne, Victoria