Nuisance Bird Control Services Melbourne, Victoria

Birds can become a problem when they begin nesting or roosting in a residential or commercial property. If left unchecked for a long time, getting rid of these uninvited guests can prove to be difficult. A proactive approach is the best way to control the situation.

At Pest Control Near Me, we provide customised pest control services to protect your residential/commercial property against a bird infestation. Our experienced technicians will conduct a complete pest inspection of your property to safely remove birds without endangering them.

Our Nuisance Bird Control Solutions in Melbourne

Here at Pest Control Near Me, we handle four main types of pest birds – Sparrows, Indian Mynas, Starlings and Pigeons. We also offer pest control for other bird species like seagulls. Here are some of the bird management services we offer:

  • Bird spikes
  • Bird removal
  • Bird netting
  • Bird proofing
  • Bird slopes
  • Shooting
  • Bird removal
  • Bird trapping
  • Bird deterrents
  • Bird tracks
  • Bird wire

Why Consider Bird Management in Melbourne

  • Bird droppings and nests typically carry ectoparasites and more than 60 transmittable diseases that could compromise the health and hygiene of your family.
  • When birds build nests in warehouses and commercial food establishments, bird droppings can contaminate food production and precious inventory.
  • Bird droppings are extremely acidic, which can corrode and even stain your building’s structural surfaces.
  • Regular cleaning of bird droppings is time-consuming and costly, running into thousands of dollars for a business.
  • Bird droppings as well as nesting materials can clog gutters and drains. They even pose a fire hazard near lighting fixtures.
  • If not cleaned quickly, bird droppings can prove to be a slip and fall hazard, which could prove to be a costly liability for your business.

Professional Bird Pest Control Services in Melbourne, VIC

Our experienced bird control technicians can bird-proof your property. We will create a customised treatment plan to suit your property and requirements. We assure you of quick, prompt service, experienced technicians and safe pest control treatments. Talk to us today or call 0413 857 460 for more information!

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Nuisance Birds