Possum Removal Melbourne, VIC

Possums are probably the worst sort of pests out there. They may look cute and harmless. However, when possums make your home theirs, they can wreak havoc on your property and health with their urine and faeces.

However, killing possums is illegal. This means that a possum infestation must be handled carefully. If you see any signs of a possum infestation in your commercial/residential property, contact Pest Control Near Me right away. Our experienced possum catchers provide safe and humane possum trapping services.

The Need for Possum Removal from Your Melbourne Property

  • Possum faeces are a breeding ground for bacteria that cause flesh-eating ulcers.
  • Exposure to possum faeces can leave you with long-term consequences like functional disability.
  • If possums access your property, they may try eating whatever they like. They may tear the insulation and ductwork and leave pungent odours and stains.
  • Sometimes, possums mays how aggressive behaviour towards pets.
  • They often carry ticks and fleas.
  • Their defensive behaviours can shock you.

Coming in contact with possums can be a shocking experience. Their defensive behaviours can be rather disorienting.

  • They may stand on their two feet whilst bearing their teeth.
  • Worse yet, they may lie on the floor, playing dead.

Don’t risk your health and well-being. And never handle possums on your own. Get it right by hiring the professional possum trappers from Pest Control Near Me.

Professional Possum Removal Service in Victoria

Possums are a protected species. Our possum pest control team in Melbourne and all over Victoria will remove possums from your property and release them within 50m or on the property itself.

Our certified possum catchers have years of experience and know what it takes to safely remove possums from your property without causing them harm. Possum removal isn’t as easy as it sounds and there are many things to take care of to ensure you are not pulled into legal issues. Leave it to our professional possum removalists. Call 0413 857 460  and get in touch with us today for a quote.

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