Stored Product Pests Control Melbourne, VIC

Pests found in food, known as stored product pests, can infest an array of foodstuffs including cereals, grains, seeds, dried fruit and nuts. Stored product insects are a health hazard in homes as well as business premises such as warehouses, food processing plants, stores, bakeries, mills, restaurants, silos and farms. If you suspect that the food in your restaurant, warehouse or home is infested, contact Pest Control Near Me today. Our team offers comprehensive stored product insect control services in Melbourne and all over Victoria.

Why Control Stored Product Pests?

Stored product insects such as weevils, pantry moths and some species of beetles can contaminate foodstuffs and can go undetected in the absence of regular inspections. They can remain hidden in food and other kitchen products that aren’t stored properly.

They can result in severe economic losses by damaging and contaminating food products. When food is contaminated by these pests, it becomes unfit for human consumption.

Pest Control Near Me Specialises in Stored Product Pest Control

If you suspect an infestation, begin by identifying the food that is contaminated as these are not safe for consumption any more. The next step is to get in touch with Pest Control Near Me to detect the presence of an infestation and control it effectively.

Simply throwing out infested foodstuffs won’t solve your pest issues. If there’s an infestation around your business, these bugs are sure to return sooner than later. These pests multiply in no time. So, it’s important to control their infestation quickly.

Our qualified technicians can identify the type of pest and use this information to find their hiding spots. We use the latest technology and proven techniques to identify stored product insect infestations and control them safely, ecologically and effectively.

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